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I Have been using Philip of Phil's Handy Service, Inc. for years. To service and care for multiple rental units in Tampa.
With one phone call he has been able to take care of any and all problems. fast clean and efficiently.
He is the only Contractor I will ever trust to care for my properties.

Linda Layne
Layne Properties and Italian Greyhounds
Brooksville Florida

November 25, 2010 byLayne's Italian Greyhounds in Brooksville, FL

Subject : Testimonial

November 2nd, 2010
After an exhaustive search for a really good contractor and/or handyman, I finally found Phil.
I'd had a rather poor experience with a gentleman I'd called prior to Phil and frankly, had just
about given up my search.
Five minutes after Phil arrived (exactly on time, I might add), I felt as though I was in good hands.
Phil took our to-do list, surveyed what needed to be done, submitted his cost for the scope of the
work to be done later that same day, and surprisingly, it was an amount we can now
call very well worth it!  Practically unheard of in this day and age.
What a blessing this one phone called proved to be!
Phil has always arrived on time, is a perfectionist at his craft, and we are now in the process of
compiling our next must-have-done list for Phil's next visit.
I would recommend Phil for any job, whether it's a few small jobs or something on a larger scale.
If you're reading this, you must have some project you need to place in capable hands, so do
yourself a huge favor and call Phil.  You won't be disappointed.
Delores Jerome
Sunset Park, Tampa

Subjuct : Solid Performance

I have designed many projects for Phil's Handy Service, Inc. and all of them have turned out great. He always strives to provide the best construction at an economical price. I would highly recommend him to anyone. As an architect I find great comfort in his attention to detail and quality. In fact he often exceeds the requirements I place on the design instead of trying to cut corners. I have only heard good things about him from all his clients.

October 07, 2010 by Innovative Design Studios, Inc   Saint Petersburg, FL 

 Sudject : Words Cannot express my gratitude  Decmber 18, 2009

Mere words cannot express my gratitude for the work you have done for me in my quest to improve my home in the coming years of my retirement and for the future of my lovely granddaughters. You have gone over and beyond my wildest expectations. Your dedication, work ethics, Kindness and deep understanding of our needs have always come first and we all could have not have gone through this turmoil if it weren't for you. To say nothing about how BEAUTIFUL my totally new bathroom looks would be a crime. It is truly a thing of beauty something out of a " House Beautiful " magazine layout. My new bathroom is BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL like a new house. Next on the agenda is new tile through out the main living area in the new year. I can't wait ~ we all cannot wait for this to happen. 
Dianne K. Tampa  FL  33614   

Testimonial May 17, 2010
Without a doubt, the best handyman ever!!!   He shows up on time, every time.  Easily accessible by phone or online, and best of all, he charges a fair price for his excellent work.I put his contractor's license to the test when he rebuilt my busted chimney.  It had severe water damage due to poor craftsmanship from the original builder 20 years ago.  The first contractor I hired 3 years ago just patched over the problem without telling me of the disaster underneath the siding.When Phil took a look at it, he thought he could repair the siding until he took of some of the damaged siding and trim off.  Instead of doing a patch job, he stopped and called me to let me know that the whole chimney was in trouble.  I agreed with Phil that the whole chimney should be rebuilt.  He helped me through the architecture phase, permitting process, and promptly rebuilt my chimney in less than 2 weeks.  He could have done it in 3 or 4 days, if he didn't have to wait for the inspectors to sign off on his work.  Since then, he has repaired a hole in my dining room ceiling and added a bunch of insulation to the attic, and he is about to add window tinting to the windows in my foyer that are 15 feet from the first floor.
 This guy can do it all, and I will only use him for my home improvement needs!!
 David L. Castellano, DMD  33629

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